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Change your life...

Be part of a supportive community

Create friendships that promote wellbeing

Develop resilience for tough times

Learn to enjoy life more

More About CoCo (Co-Counselling International)

Life isn’t always easy. Sometimes we face challenges that may create feelings of stress and loneliness.  

Things get easier when someone else listens to us carefully – allowing us to change these feelings and move on.

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Peer support – helping me – helping you

Co-Counselling shows you how to give and receive high-quality listening that is free from advice and judgements. We share equal time with each other in pairs.

Learn to listen to yourself and others with care and respect. Discover enough safety for yourself to be free to explore difficult feelings.

Peer support offers us all the opportunity to discover the life we want.


CoCo is based on the principle that we all have the: 

Capacity  to be robust, resilient, and emotionally competent

Potential  to be well and live a life that works 

Power  to recover, even when we are hurt and confused 

Emotional flexibility  to trust and accept support from others

Opportunity  to heal and move on in our own time.

What will Coco do for me? 

  • Be more successful and make the most of life

  • Create healthier relationships 

  • Deal with uncomfortable feelings and heal past hurts

  • Change old habits into new ways of behaving today

  • Improve the quality of your communication at home and at work

  • Build the confidence to have fun and enjoy life 

  • Be in charge of what you do, say, and feel 

  • Value yourself and others equally

  • Learn life skills to take action to make the changes you want

  • Belong to a supportive community that is free for life.


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Find your nearest training course so that you can join the network 

with face to face or online training

Find your nearest CCI network so that you can meet other trained people in your area

CoCo Info is the website for CCI Co-Counselling.
Here is info about upcoming trainings:

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