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Acts of random smiling

I know it's usually "acts of random kindness" but I've decided to do my own version .... smiling.

Smiling is a win-win activity - when I smile it fills my body with 'feel good' hormones, when someone receives that smile they also get the feel good feeling.

I practice this on my bike ride with my dog Muffet in the park. (I ride the bike she runs behind me.)

It's first thing in the morning and I come across a lot of people who seem to be not in the mood for smiling. I smile anyway - because it does me good. It's amazing how many of them smile back - I get a double dose!

This starts my day with other wins ....

I meet my need for connection, I now have an assortment of acquaintances on my bike ride we exchange smiles and "good mornings" and some of them I've made friends with . I started a Book Club with one of them.

I meet my need for meaning and purpose - my acts of random smiling is a devotional practice that is part of my life intention to affect social change.

Apart from anything else it's good fun ......

Experiment with random smiling today and I bet you'll be really surprised with how successful it is.

Gilli Gladman

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