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Rolling in shit!

My dog Miss Muffet likes rolling in fox pooh! It's a habit of her's. She smells dreadful but seems oblivious of it's effect on me! I think she does it to blend into the fox world so that she can chase them at will.

She did it this morning and I had to give her a bath to return her to a smell I can live with.

It reminded me that we humans also have similar bad habits of 'rolling in shit' that seem to allow us to 'blend in'.

Sometimes we 'roll in' some very unsavoury ideas, opinions, perceptions and prejudices in order to merge in with the rest of society.

Maybe it gives us a false sense of belonging?

I don't like these merging habits. I don't like them in myself or in others and yet I experience them often in everyday life. I can feel the 'smell' of them as I watch the political debates on TV and listen to my own 'moral high ground' opinions about who should be our next Government.

I wonder how it serves me? Maybe I'm using them to disguise myself so that I don't have to feel others' disapproval or dissent?

Having certain opinions may help me 'to merge in' but does it also make it hard to be true to myself?

To be bold and courageous and say what I really think.

I believe that in many ways we have a cruel unkind society, that doesn't respect diversity and the human right for all of us to be safe, purposeful and loved. Sometimes I can sense a disconnect when I say this - it's uncomfortably 'smelly' - other's don't want to face their unkindness. The opinions that make other's not OK are comfortable habits.

Well that was a really stretched metaphor!!

Hey ho, I guess Miss Muffet will continue to do her rolling - I don't like it but I still love her!

Gilli Gladman

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